Core Classes

A Leader Is an Organizer –
Core Leader: Sandy Schwartz

Know how to develop plans for your Club activities that give you the ability to prepare for success. Knowing what is coming up allows committees to be formed and meetings to be scheduled. It allows for resource allocation and ample lead time to secure permits and entertainers. But most importantly, it allows you to market your events.

Friday February 2, 2023 2:40 PM  –  03:35 PM
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A Leader is an Organizer (PDF)

A Leader is Relevant –
Core Leader: Bill Chase

A Leader is Relevant – Bill Chase
Nothing is more important to attraction and retention of members than relevance.Nothing is more important to Club vitality than relevance. Is your Club relevant? Do you want it to be?

Friday February 2, 2023 03:45 PM – 04:35 PM
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A Leader Builds Partnerships –
Core Leader, Anita McDonald

We can’t do everything by ourselves, we need partners. Let’s look at the way, both in our Club and in our community, that we can build strong networks to help us do the work of Rotary.

Saturday February 3, 2022 08:45 AM  –   9:40AM
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Leaders Build Partnerships

A Leader Plans for Excellence –
Core Leader: Tonya Watson

Every time you ring that bell to start your meeting you are truly defining Rotary. What you do in that meeting will paint a picture of Rotary for every guest and member in the room. Your Club meetings are critical to the growth of Rotary, make them Excellent – every time!

Saturday February 3, 2022:  10:55 AM  –   11:50 AM
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A Leader Plans for Excellence
Leader Plans for Excellence 2
Leader Plans for Excellence 3

Tabletop Discussions

This session allows everyone an opportunity to get their questions answered. Rooms will be set where questions can be asked of people who can help you find answers. RIPE Stephanie and Foundation Trustee Chair Barry will each have a room to answer your questions. Move from room to room at your leisure and enjoy the time in fellowship with other Presidents Elect.

Saturday February 3, 2022:  9:50 AM  –   10:45 AM
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Assistant Governor Track – AGs ONLY

The role of the Assistant Governor is one that is so important to the success of Rotary clubs. In this session, we’ll discuss:
How you can become a mentor and cheerleader to the Club President by becoming their “go-to” person. Helping them have more confidence in leading their club and keeping the Club President informed of important upcoming events and dates. District and RI, and how you can be a valuable resource and guide to support the clubs in your AG area.

Saturday February 3, 2022:  8:55 AM  –   11:55 AM
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