Navigating Presidents – Elect Training Seminar

Southwest Rotary PETS

February 21-24, 2025

LAX Marriott
5855 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Stephanie A. Urchick
Rotary International President-Elect

Stephanie A. Urchick, of the Rotary Club of McMurray, Pennsylvania, USA, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2024-25, a decision that would make her only the second woman to hold that position. She will be declared the president-nominee on 15 September if no challenging candidates have been suggested.

With the world facing incredible challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, disasters driven by climate change, and conflict in many regions, Urchick says Rotary’s leaders can offer a vision and a plan for overcoming these challenges.

“Measures taken by Rotary leadership to survive and end critical challenges often make our organization stronger and more resilient for future events,” Urchick says. “This kind of essential leadership also creates new levels of cooperation, even among rivals, when Rotarians pull together as people of action to serve and solve a crisis.”

Making regionalization a priority is crucial, says Urchick.

“Because Rotary operates in more than 200 countries and regions, it is vital to recognize that the organization has the potential to become more efficient and effective by understanding and reacting to how regional differences affect the way Rotarians work together to address providing service, promoting integrity, and advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace,” Urchick says.

Urchick is partner and chief operating officer of Doctors at Work LLC, a consulting and training company. She holds a doctorate in leadership studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is active on numerous community boards and committees, and has been honored by organizations including Zonta International and the Sons of the American Revolution.

A Rotary member since 1991, Urchick has traveled to Vietnam to help build a primary school and to the Dominican Republic to install water filters. She studies several Slavic languages, has mentored new Rotarians in Ukraine, and coordinated a Rotary Foundation grant project in Poland.

Urchick has served Rotary in many roles, including as a director, Foundation trustee, and chair of the RI Strategic Planning Committee and the Foundation’s Centennial Celebration Committee. She currently serves on the Election Review Committee and the Operations Review Committee. She is a Rotary Foundation Major Donor and a member of the Bequest Society.

Welcome to President-Elects and Rotary Leaders

As your Chair for this event I want everyone to know how excited I have been for the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

I want to thank everyone for attending this years President Elect Training (PETS), This marks our 46th year of Southwest Pets, we started in 1978 with six Rotary Districts. Today we have grown to 9 Rotary Districts and are adding 2 additional Districts next year.

We have planned a full weekend of fellowship, education and inspirational speakers for you.

For your fellowship opportunities I encourage you to visit all the District Hospitality rooms throughout the weekend.  You will have the opportunity to meet with your fellow presidents-elect from District 5000 (Hawaii), District 5240 (Bakersfield Area), District 5280 (Los Angeles Area), District 5300 (Pasadena, High Desert & Las Vegas Area), District 5340 (Orange Country), District 5330 (Inland Empire & Low Desert), District 5340 (San Diego), District 5495 (Central & Northern Arizona) & District 5500 (Tucson & Southern Arizona) as well as your District leadership.

Our Education team has prepared classes that will provide you with the information you will need to lead your clubs. Courses ranging from welcome to the Digital Age, Budget, Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Membership, Fundraising, Partnerships and so much more.

We have assembled an incredible lineup of speakers for you starting with Our MC Jason Browne a fellow Rotarian from District 7360 located in Philadelphia. Mary Lathrum from New Jersey. RI Foundation Chair and Past Rotary International President Barry Rassin from Nassau, Bahamas.  Jean Irwin-Hatfield A Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar from Sacramento. Our Zone Director Dan Himelspach form Denver. Stephanie Urchick our incoming Rotary International President from Pennsylvania. Lex Gillette from Chula Vista. As you see we have reached out to the Rotary World to bring you the very best speakers to inform you and motivate you.

We have worked hard with the Marriott to provide you with a comfortable and welcoming experience this weekend. It is my hope to be able to meet as many of you as I can this weekend.

Don’t forget to have your picture taken for your district directory. Please visit our Vendors and Exhibitors booths this weekend. This is a very unique experience.

Again your job for the weekend is to enjoy and have fun. Welcome to PETS 2024

Thank you,

Barry Valdez, Chair
2024 Southwest PETS

Singapore awaits

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We’ll share fresh perspectives, inspiration, and hope – with each other and the world! The convention features world-class dining and cultural attractions, distinguished speakers, energizing breakout sessions, and much more.

Join us 25-29 May 2024 in Singapore where we’ll be Sharing Hope With the World!

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