DGE 5280

Alberto Hernandez

Club: Burbank

Albert’s first exposure to Rotary was when he participated in RYLA during his junior year of high school; later returning as a RYLA counselor during his senior year. It was in 2005, at the age of 19, that Albert became a member of the Rotary Club of Burbank.

At the age of 14, Albert’s mother became a single parent of 11 children; at which time Albert began to work to help generate income for the household. He wanted to be certain that his family was taken care of albeit living in such difficult times. It was at that time that Albert began understanding the importance of putting others before oneself. His journey flourished having found his passion for service above self when he started working in the non-profit sector most notably at local Boys & Girls Clubs and currently at Home Again Los Angeles, a homeless service agency for families experiencing or on the verge of homelessness. Albert serves on local boards that align with his personal mission of giving a hand up to those in need.

Throughout Albert’s Rotary career he worked his way up the Rotary ladder serving on his Club’s board, and soon after becoming his Club’s Foundation President. It was in 2018 when Albert proudly accepted the position of Club President. It was in this year which the Club had raised the most funds at that point through their annual Karaoke fundraiser; something Albert is very proud of as it triggered a major donation to the new Urgent Care facility in Burbank. Albert eventually accepted responsibilities on the District level from Assistant Governor to Humanitarian Trip Co-Chair to Senior Assistant Governor of Community Service.

Albert lives in Santa Clarita with his partner of 15 years, Elizabeth. They are both the proud, but exhausted parents of their eleven year old daughter Madison. Albert looks forward to serving as District Governor as he looks to share his passion for family and incorporating fun… all to help retain members and attract new members.