Southwest Rotary PETS provides the necessary training needed for incoming Rotary club presidents to not only lead, but succeed. Southwest PETS is a multi-day course with general sessions and breakouts that give attendees new tools, and help build connections with other Rotary leaders. Attendance is mandatory for club presidents-elect in Districts 5000, 5240, 5280, 5300, 5320, 5330, 5340, and 5500. Incoming club presidents from outside districts, as well as district leaders are welcome and encouraged to attend this virtual training program.

Information to know before PETS

Be sure to complete President-Elect pre-work before you begin your experience at Southwest PETS. Contact your DGE for More info


Registration is OPEN! If you have not already registered for Southwest Rotary PETS, please do so right away by clicking here.

What time does PETS start?

PETS will begin Friday, March 5, 2021 with an all-day Vendor Fair. PETS registrants are invited to login to the new platform, powered by vFAIRS. During the Vendor Fair, you can take a tour around the virtual surrounds, learn about the vendors in our virtual arena, and meet in real-time with representatives.

The official opening of Southwest PETS will begin Friday at 5:30pm PST. The program and district-specific breakouts will last until about 8:30pm PST on Friday. The program will then pick up once again on Saturday, March 6th beginning at 8:30am PST and conclude before 5:00pm PST.

What about additional district leaders, guests, or out-of-district Presidents-elect?

While Southwest Rotary PETS is a certification program designed for incoming club presidents-elect, it is open to everyone. Presidents-elect from other districts are welcome to participate. In addition, district leaders including past, current, and future District Governors, as well as Assistant Governors and Committee Chairs, may also sign-up to be part of Southwest Rotary PETS. Be sure to register to reserve your virtual seat.

Name badges

Name badges are not needed. We will let the platform do the announcing of your name!

What to bring to PETS

An open mind. Participants will get out of PETS what they put into it. There will be ample time for discussion with other Rotary leaders and presidents-elect. The more you participate, the more you will get out of your PETS experience.

Business casual attire is perfectly acceptable for all sessions. If you have a district shirt, wear it!


A professional photographer has been hired to process virtual portrait pictures of each attendee free of charge. Individuals will be able to upload an image of themselves, which will then be modified to confirm to the standards of your district. You will also be able to purchase official business cards through this virtual service. We encourage PEs to dress in business attire for the photographs. Make plans to have your picture submitted and processed during free time, or at the Vendor Fair.


Vendors are important partners of PETS, and will be offering an array of Rotary-themed items on Friday and Saturday. Please visit their displays during the Vendor Fair, breaks between sessions, and unscheduled time.

Lost and found

Unlike past years where we met in person at the LAX Marriott, there is no lost and found. If something is missing from your house, check first with the spouse, and kids, and any pets. Chances are they might have it.

Feedback and surveys

Throughout the event, you will receive opportunities to provide feedback through online surveys. Please help us know what elements of PETS are awesome, and which elements need work. Your candid input is truly appreciated. Each year we make improvements based on feedback from you, our customers, and this year is no exception.

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